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Who we are?

Established in 2011, Cook Curry is known for its authentic Indian food, rightly spiced flavorful curries, and so much more. Whether it is cooking workshops for authentic Indian cuisine, dining events, or catering Cook Curry has them all.

Cook Curry was first set up with the idea to offer people a taste of spicy Indian food unlike what was available in Frankfurt, Germany in 2011. The idea was to give people a chance to cook and taste Indian food just like Indians do. That’s when the first cooking workshops began.

Founder Deepti Agarwal had recently moved to Frankfurt Germany when she realized that Indian food available in Germany catered to the local palette, unlike the authentic Indian food that was a mélange of flavors and spices. To offer locals a chance to sample true Indian food, she started cooking workshops that many appreciated. That is how Cook Curry was set up in 2011. The workshops soon became popular that prompted the team to add dining events, catering, and other workshops.

Most locals who attended the workshops did not cook even after learning as they had to visit Indian stores for spices. Those who loved Indian food felt the curries they made were not as good as the ones Cook Curry offered. Realizing the problem, the founder experimented with different solutions before creating a dry curry mix that could help people make authentic curries easily.

The company now offers a wide range of Instant Indian curry mixes that make cooking curries a breeze. Now available in the Netherlands, Cook Curry has grown and is now available in three cities and plans to expand to other cities soon.


To be the preferred brand for authentic Indian Curry Mixes around the world.


We are dedicated to serving food lovers with tasty Indian food full of flavors helping them broaden their food palette to include Indian curries.

Our Team



Deepti Agarwal is an enthusiastic Fashion Designer from INIFD Chandigarh with a brief stint as a merchandiser in a garment company in Jaipur. Moving to Germany after marriage she experimented with cooking Indian curries that were loved, appreciated and in great demand.


Her love for food especially Indian became the foundation for Cook Curry in 2011. Today, in the Netherlands, under Deepti’s supervision, Cook Curry not only conducts workshops and dine-in events, but the company has also recently launched Instant Curry Mix that makes preparing an Indian curry hassle-free.

Why Us

There are several reasons Cook Curry is well known and preferred by Indian food enthusiasts. Here are the topmost reasons.

Authentic Indian

Cook Curry uses authentic spices to create their products. The dry mixes are created using the finest spices and condiments without added preservatives and added flavors. Every mix offers a true taste of Indian curries you crave.

No storage of spices needed:

Most Indian foods, especially curries require plenty of spices and condiments, which means a trip to the specialty Indian store is necessary or storage of several spices people may not use otherwise. Our mixes have all the ingredients required to create a fabulous curry.


Most curry mixes are available in massive quantities and are often expensive. With Cook Curry mixes our packs are small and have enough ingredients to make a single batch of curry. This means you don’t have to store large packs and can buy the mixes whenever you need them.

Unique Product

The Cook Curry mixes are unique. Manufactured in the Netherlands, these mixes have no preservatives, no added colors, or chemicals. They are made using the best ingredients. There are no local products like Instant Curry Mix available in the Netherlands.

Core Values

Ethical Practices

The team at Cook Curry believes in staying true to the Indian roots when it comes to food they make, produce, and serve. The team doesn’t skimp on ingredients or add artificial colors or taste enhancers to products they create.

Highest Quality

Creating products with the highest quality is a core belief Cook Curry follows. Each product is handpicked and checked for quality before being used to manufacture the curry mixes etc. Whether it is herbs, spices, or condiments every ingredient is sourced locally.


The team at Cook Curry is experienced and understands the nuances of creating the best Indian food and curries. The team works together to create new mixes that offer an authentic taste experience most people are looking for.

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